Holding pattern

Angie, I still love you baby.
Everywhere I look, I see your stuff.
There ain't another who comes close to you.
Baby, I can't get enough.

Some women collect antiques. Others collect husbands. I collect all things Angela Adams.

One piece is never enough. Neither are two, three or four. So on the day after Christmas, as I try to decide which of my five Angela bags I'll carry to the sales today (all the while writing thank-you notes on my Angela correspondence cards), I find myself magnetically drawn to the sale section of AngelaAdams.com

Do I need a 2x3 cotton rug? For $54, the answer is a resounding yes. Especially when it matches my new bathroom exactly. And while I'm at it, a full-price tunic doesn't look so bad either — it's about time the Portland-based designer got into apparel. And it's about time I buy something long enough to cover my ass in skinny jeans.

Will it make my Paiges look less hideous? I don't know.

But you can't say we never tried.

To partake in the Angela Adams winter sale, click here.


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