Pilgrim's progress

Let's face it: the pilgrims had questionable taste. The hats. The square-toed shoes. The knickers. Need we say more?

But tempting as it may be, we can’t blame them for a dry bird on Thanksgiving. It’s unclear whether or not turkey was even on the menu in 1621. As it turns out, our fashion-challenged forebears had the right idea: serve lobster.

Cooking a “traditional” Thanksgiving dinner could not be less fun. I have the domestic skills of an 18-year-old frat boy, so perhaps I’m not the best person to be writing about this. But we hosted turkey day at our house last year and I’m surprised I didn’t burn the house down. Who even has an oven big enough for all that food? Does anyone really like turnips and pearl onions? And really, are turkey and mashed potatoes worth all that work?

Until this year, I thought the champagne was the best part of the meal. Then I heard about an effort by my Maine friend Julia Munsey to flip the bird for the ultimate white meat. At $3.99 a pound, it’s almost a wash. OK, not quite. But here’s the upshot: lobsters only take 15 minutes to cook, they don’t go well with weird side dishes and, hello, they’re lobsters. Plus, you get to help Maine lobstermen out. And they need it this year.

Now that’s a reason to give thanks.

Learn more at http://lobstercelebrations.com.


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