A sticky situation

Your halls are decked. You've had one too many rounds of holiday cheer. And you just poured yourself another.

Problem is, you're not sure whether you're using the right glass. And despite the fact that he keeps putting his hand on your knee, the guy sitting next to you is not anyone you want to swap saliva with — directly or indirectly.

Thanks to ClinQs — the brainchild of sisters Jeila Gueramian and Bangor's own Jenn Khavari — you don't need to worry. These reusable vinyl decals (think Colorforms for grownups) stick to your glass, your bottle, your funnel — whatever.

They're way more charming than wine charms. Which is more than we can say for that guy on the couch. Just watch out — one more glass and he may start to look attractive.

ClinQs cost $5.50 per set — PERFECT stocking stuffer — and are available at Metropolitan Soul and State Street Wine Cellar in Bangor, or online at ClinQs.


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