Bean there, done that

Sometimes, you take the people and places you love for granted. It's not that you don't adore them. It's just that you kind of ignore them.

L.L. Bean is one of those places. It's always been there, in Freeport, holding down the fort. It's not going anywhere. And even though it's the only store in the world that won't make a fuss when you return a ratty flannel shirt that you've ripped in three places, you sometimes forget it's there.

Today is a time to remember and give thanks. For the incredibly soft fleece-lined hoodie that was worth the monthlong wait on backorder. For the slippers that are like mini sleeping bags for the feet. For the giant dog beds that didn't flatten out like pancakes after a few weeks. Sure, the dogs won't get out of bed anymore, but the upshot is, they no longer drool on the couch.

For all this and more, L.L. Bean, we're eternally grateful. And you're eternally great.


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