Strawberry Swing

This has to be the best spring ever in Maine — two days into June and the pick-your-own strawberry places have already been open for weeks. Which raises a question: What are your favorite Maine strawberry traditions?

For us, they involve picking berries at Maxwell's in Cape Elizabeth, mom's strawberry shortcake and the sublime strawberry ice cream at Goughan's Berry Farm in Caribou (SO worth the trip, plus, where else can you find a petting zoo these days?)

We want to know how you celebrate the strawberry season. So, if you have a favorite recipe, e-mail it to us at . If you have a favorite pick-your-own stand, Maine-made strawberry dish or other tradition, post it below or send it to us via e-mail.

We'll post a roundup next week, and we promise: it will be berry nice.


Kate. said...

There have been strawberries for weeks!?!? Where!? I've been moaning about how everyone else in the country has them but us! Is Maxwell's open? Thanks!!

Kristen said...

I don't know about Maxwell's, but I'm in the Bangor area and a few farms here have opened. Not sure how, seeing as our berry plants at home aren't even close, but I'll take it as a positive sign...

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