Trip the Light Fantastic

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When Katy Perry kissed a girl, we hated it. Well, actually we just hated the song. But when she wore this glowing dress to the Met Costume Gala last week, we didn't just like it, we loved it.

See, the dress was designed by CuteCircuit, a London-based company that fuses fashion and technology in a striking way — Perry's dress was made of silk chiffon and thousands of LED lights that changed colors as she moved.

The coolest part? CuteCircuit is headed by Caribou native and University of Maine alumnus (and friend of the Mavens — all of us) Ryan Genz, and his partner, Francesca Rosella. Ryan always had a flair for the dramatic — he wore a silver puffy jacket before anyone else dared to, and nail polish way before Adam Lambert thought of it. But he also had an artistic eye and a solid grasp of new media. It's great to see him find a way to combine all of his talents in one creative outlet.

And if the best-dressed lists that Perry hit last week are any indication, the future looks bright. As in, 3,000 LED bulbs bright.

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Fabulous! Maine people are the best!
Congrats and best of luck to you!

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