Children's Art: Not an Oxymoron

Editor's note: We're giving away a gorgeous tote designed by Erin Flett for AU. To learn how to enter, click here.
It's the dilemma of art-loving parents everywhere: how to "decorate" the nursery. See, you haven't "decorated" the rest of your house. You haven't had a poster on your wall since college, those coordinating wall hangings from Pottery Barn confound you and you don't believe in choosing paintings to match your couch. So why start the little one off on the wrong foot?

Well, here's the problem: you have no idea where to begin, and those room-size decals from Babies R Us are starting to look better than better. But friends don't let friends buy faux art. And besides, you can do way better than that — without spending a fortune and without traveling too far.

Take, for example, the work of Caroline Moore. Caroline is a colleague of The Maven's at the University of Maine, and she and her husband recently gave the little guy her adorable "Cupcake Boy" print. We're huge fans of Caroline's work, and we're not alone — she's recently received quite a bit of attention for her graphic design work among national bloggers. Check out her work at or head straight to her Etsy or Artfire stores.

As is obvious from this month's giveaway, we absolutely adore the work of Erin Flett. Her chic designs are just the thing on a stylish tote, but she also does more whimsical work that would be perfect in a nursery or child's room. We're especially fond of her silkscreened squirrel prints, whether on a pillow or for framing. To learn more about her work, visit her website.

Looking for something a little more rock 'n roll? Why not try an original concert poster from one of Portland's great silkscreen artists? After the Space Gallery show, we're partial to Kris Johnsen's work, but he's certainly not the only one. For inspiration, try Arm Factory in Bayside. Or, for a great selection of silkscreen art from Maine and beyond, head to Eli Phant on the East End to see what you can find.

Give your little one an early art lesson. You won't regret it. Especially when you're up at 3 a.m., changing diapers, and not looking at some bizarro monkey wall-hanging.


pokane said...

Two favorite for child's room decorations:
For an older child a empty mylar balloons in lots of colors and shapes. it is great fun to come home from an outing an let the child pin the newest edition to the wall.
For all age children posters made from children's books. I get my at library conferences.

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