Hats Off

Preparing for parenthood is like cramming for the LSATs, the MCATs and the GMATs. The night before the test. In a different language.

There are so many things that you couldn't possibly know until the time is right. Like the fact that newborns need special diapers so their little belly buttons can heal. Or that babies really like loud white noise because that's what it sounds like in the belly. Or the fact that you can't put sunscreen on the little buggers until they're 6 months old.

The latter is a bit of a problem, because our little guy is arriving in June and we're pretty sure he's going to be as bald as a bowling ball. Fortunately, there are plenty of Maine-made options to keep his noggin safe.

Our favorites are the floppy sun hats from worthygoods of Bar Harbor (pictured above). Mom and seamstress Dory Smith-Graham has a great eye for color and textile, and her reversible bucket hats couldn't be cuter. Neither could the flat cap, perfect for the budding golfer. Find them online or at Stone Soup in Bar Harbor.

For girls, the reversible bonnets from Anabelfuzz are a sweet throwback — Kirsten Hardy of Bar Harbor also creates the most adorable surfer shorts for little boys (In addition to Etsy, Anabelfuzz goodies can also be found at Roots & Tendrils in Belfast). And the driver cap from Queen of Hats in Portland gives a feminine twist to the "flat cap."

If only every baby-related decision were as easy as choosing the right hat, we'd have it made in the shade.


Caroline said...

Ellie has a worthygoods winter hat and we love it!


It's perfect because she can't take it off as easily. She won't keep a hat on her head unless it's tied on.

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