Flower Power

Because The Maven feels like she's the size of a cottage — if not a house — right now, shopping for anything other than diapers and onesies has become a lot less enjoyable. One exception? Jewelry. It always fits, and it always looks good.

Lately, in order to draw attention away from the fact that she looks like Jabba the Hut while seated, The Maven has taken to wearing exceptionally large, bold accessories in eye-catching colors. We're not sure if the distraction is working, but it's fun either way.

Speaking of fun, the new spring line from Yikes! Studio is like a party on your wrist, earlobes, fingers or neck. We've long admired Suzanne Anderson's eye for color and design, and this year, the Dedham-based artist has blossomed — literally. Her flower rings are to die for — at the top of our wish list — and her new dangle earrings look like pieces of cut-rock candy.

We first encountered Anderson's work years ago, when she was working with bright, oversize beads strung in color combinations that only an artist could think up. Her necklaces were amazing. She has since switched over to polymer clay (which is usually a medium we're not all that wild about), but her striking, graphic pieces have an elegance all their own. She often incorporates hand-wrought pieces of silver or found objects into her work, and of course, no two pieces are alike.

The new work from Yikes! Studio is sure to be a conversation piece, which is just the way we like it. It's the perfect distraction from ... bigger issues.

To view a list of galleries and shops that carry Suzanne Anderson's work, click here (scroll down). To learn more, visit the Yikes! Studio website.


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