Worth a Thousand Words

We've got 8 1/2 weeks left to go (allegedly) before the Little Lainsbury arrives, and the Mavens are in full-on baby mode. We can't pass by a stroller without ogling the precious cargo, and though we're a little freaked out that the nursery won't be done in time, we just can't wait to meet him.

We also can't wait to snap a zillion photos of him, which is why we're so psyched about the upcoming photo class by Emilie Sommer, founder of Emilie Inc. in Portland. Though she's known throughout New England for her stunning wedding photography, Sommer previously worked as a photojournalist and photo editor. She's also an accomplished shooter of the newborn and toddler set, as you can see in the above photo from her blog.

Sommer recently launched a series of workshops, and the one scheduled from 9 to noon Thursday is geared toward the photography novice (that would be The Maven, who is truly a horrible photographer). And though the class would be perfect for parents-to-be, businesspeople and hobby photographers are encouraged to attend.  

Sommer will cover the basics of DSLR photography (and if you don't have a DSLR camera, you can either rent one for the morning or take the class with your point-and-shoot). She'll also touch on the history of photography and principles of good photography (moments, lighting, composition). Participants can then take part in portrait and still-life exercises.

At $99, these classes are a bargain. Especially if you hope to fill your new memory card with pictures that don't make your new baby look like an alien.

Emilie Inc. is located at 227 Congress St. in Portland. For more information, visit the "news" section of www.emilieinc.com.


emilie inc. said...

Aww, thanks so much for your kind words, Kristen. Wishing you well and hoping our paths cross soon, perhaps with my camera and your little luvbug?

Falbert said...

As far as I understand from the friends, neighbors, and so on that have had babies - the nursery is never "ready" or "finished" when the baby comes. It's always a work in progress.

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