Putting on the Dog

Dog beds are many things — practical, durable, comfortable — but gorgeous is seldom one of them. Susan Dench of Falmouth is working to change all that.

Her doggie duvets and slipcovers, sold under the label The Muddy Dog, make sure every dog can sleep in the lap of luxury. And thanks to Susan's choice of textiles — everything from stylish dots to classic toiles to rich, hand-screen-printed patterns — their aesthetics are nothing to bark at, either.

The Muddy Dog got its start when Susan was looking for a more cozy sleeping space for her arthritic Golden Retriever, Holly. Holly preferred her humans' down comforter to traditional dog beds (surprise, surprise...), so Susan set out to make something equally posh for her pooch. The resulting bed was a hit with the canine set, and the humans adored Susan's stunning duvet covers.

Since there's something a little disconcerting about the idea of a dog tracking her muddy paws on fabric that costs $79 a yard, Susan also introduced the Dog on It, a Polartec fleece cover that keeps the beds clean and washes easily.

While the beds are absolutely gorgeous, their beauty is more than superficial. Because a dog's skeletal support and comfort were of the utmost importance to Susan, she spent years perfecting the insert — an eco-friendly blend of down and feathers (or, for those with allergies, a down alternative). The covers are sewn in Maine of American fabric, including some Maine Cottage fabrics (pictured above).

Call it what you will: Comfortable canine couture, doggie decor, beauty for the beast. Your dogs will just call it home.

For more information, visit The Muddy Dog website.


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