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Editor's note: We have some exciting news. Here at The Maven, we're having a baby! This means we're obsessed with everything for the little one. So, without further ado, we'd like to introduce Mini ME Mondays, which will highlight the best Maine shopping, products, services, activities and more for the under-18 set and their parents. Since we're new to this, we'd love any suggestions you may have (e-mail us at And we know parents are full of advice and opinions, so please share them by posting comments here or on our Facebook page.  Thanks!

Being pregnant is a lot like getting married — the price of everything seems to quadruple. When you're engaged, a dress that should cost $300, tops, suddenly skyrockets to thousands of dollars. When you're pregnant, places like Gap and Motherhood somehow think it's OK to charge $50 and up for ugly, polyester, elastic-waist pants. A Pea in the Pod is better, but $148 for an acrylic sweater? Really? And the normal-looking stuff rarely goes on sale.

Nobody would ever be caught dead in this crap if they weren't expecting, but what's a pregnant gal to do?

Find alternatives. This isn't that easy to do in Maine, especially in the Bangor area. During her annual trip to New York, The Maven stocked up on basics at Gap Maternity and Destination Maternity. In Bangor, Target and Old Navy are the standbys, with an occasional stop at Motherhood. Jason splurged on a pair of designer maternity jeans from Nordstrom as a gift, which are worn an average of two to three times a week — one word of advice to first-timers: if you invest in only one thing while you're pregnant, make it a pair of designer maternity jeans. You're going to pay $70-$80 at Gap anyway, so just bite the bullet and get the Sevens, Citizens or Juicys.

However, after a little — OK, a lot — of searching, we've found a few great local options. One of them is right outside our door. Jessi Sader, who owns Studio in Orono, creates the most adorable dresses and tunics for her FX Dressed line (see the Orla Kiely-esque tank dress above). They're designed for non-pregnant gals, but the stretchy fabrics and long cuts make them perfect for moms-to-be — pair them with leggings or jeans and you're good to go. Plus, the price point is right on: $28-$32 for a handmade top or casual dress (she even does custom). Special-occasion dresses cost well under $100. For a list of where to find Jessi's designs throughout Maine, click here.

In Bangor, we like The Growing Place, a maternity consignment shop with two locations: one on Hammond Street, the other on outer Broadway. The selection tends to be better for women who wear larger sizes, but expect to find name brands, mostly in great condition, for a fraction of retail. Plus, they sell children's furniture, toys, clothing and nursery items.

We haven't done too much exploring in southern Maine (although we're totally in love with the baby goods and Petunia Pickle Bottom diaper bags at Blanche & Mimi), but friends tell us Maternity Fair in Biddeford, another consignment shop, is wonderful. We'll hit it on our next trip to see The Maven's family.

So, moms: any suggestions? Tell us your favorite spots for maternity gear in Maine (or non-maternity gear that will fit a growing belly). Inquiring — and stylish — moms-to-be want to know.



Sarah said...

If you're not already familiar with Amanda Soule's blog, Soulemama, you should definitely take a look. I'm sure she'd have some great suggestions for maternity gear! Her blog is delightful even for those who just love her beautiful photography like me!

Kristen said...

Thanks, Sarah. I wasn't familiar with Amanda's blog, but it's wonderful!

Queenie said...

Congratulations my sweet momma to be! What wonderful news, Sharon Mack

mainebuzz said...

We get a lot of stuff for my niece in Freeport at the Carter's outlet. We love the cotton pants with the ruffle on the butt. My mom finds a TON of stuff at the Orono thrift shop - from clothes to toys - and some of the clothes haven't even been worn yet. My mother has also been sewing my niece clothes from old patterns that she used when my sister and I were kids! Fun!

ArtGirl said...

Uptown Studio offers handpainted onesies - you can even request a custom design! Online ordering available April 1st.

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