Bloggers We Love: Katy Elliott

You know that Anne Taintor card with the woman in the tiara that says, "Domestically disabled"? Totally made for The Maven.

If it weren't for Jason, she'd probably still have milk crates for bookshelves and a pantry full of Kraft dinner.

But lately, she's been feathering the nest in anticipation of the Little Lainsbury's arrival. By "feathering the nest," we mean "doing things that we would never normally do." Like sew. Or think about sewing, at least.

Which leads us to our most recent and most favorite blog discovery: We're not sure how we missed this for so long, but Katy Elliott is a domestic goddess. Her blog is a daily design journal that centers on the restoration of — and the choosing of decor for — her 1700s home in Marblehead, Mass.

A Maine native, artist and former online editor for House & Garden and Domino, Katy often writes about finds in the Pine Tree State — such as the Michael Miller fabric she scored at the Sanford Marden's or the wonderful selection at Smitten in Wiscasset. It was through her blog that we were able to track down the manufacturer of some textiles we had our eye on for the nursery (which, unfortunately, are only available to the trade; even if they weren't, the baby bedding line starts at $465).

Regardless of whether or not the products and ideas she posts are luxurious or practical, they're an endless source of design inspiration — and trust us, we could use a little of that here.

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Samantha Warren Weddings said...

I adore Katy's blog. Always droolworthy! I didn't know her background though, so thanks for sharing. Can't wait to hear about your projects.

Sarah said...

Her blog is always a great read full of beautiful finds!

katy elliott said...

Wow thanks so much for including me on your blog. I hope to continue writing about Maine's creative designers, manufacturers, and lovely shops.

See all my Maine posts here.

TheMuscatoHansens said...

Yes, I love Katy Elliot! Thanks for sharing!

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