The Antidote to Ugly Diaper Bags

The problem with diaper bags is that they look like diaper bags. Even the expensive ones. Even the designer ones. Even the ones that are made to look like a clutch or a tote or a messenger bag. The only thing we've seen that's remotely attractive are the Petunia Pickle Bottom bags at Blanche & Mimi in Portland.

We get it: there's a reason why they're glazed and waterproofed. There's a reason why they have 8 million pockets. But that's no reason for them to be ugly.

So when the mini Maven arrives, we're taking matters into our own hands and buying a Maine-made bag that serves the same purpose in a more attractive way.

Take, for example, SeaBags. They're already waterproof by nature, and if you choose the custom option, you can get as many pockets as you need. We like the star design, but if you go custom, you can let your imagination run wild — the little one's initials or birth date, perhaps?

We might take our friend Anna's lead and using our Angela Adams mailbag as a diaper bag. Our friends at Angela Adams tell us this isn't exactly uncommon, and it's a far better alternative than what we've seen at the mom stores.

If you prefer patterned fabric bags, Maine-based Ellie Anna Purse Co. does an excellent job. The New Momma Set is an obvious choice, because it comes with the things you need to do the diaper deed — changing pad, diaper/wipe pouch. Plus, you get to choose from a variety of fabrics by designers such as Michael Miller and Amy Butler. Too cute.

For active moms who aren't planning to wear their baby, the backpack-style options from MIMSMaine are attractive and durable. They're the right combination of cute and functional, and the textiles designer Natasha Durham uses are to die for.
Convinced that you need something that wipes down with a wet cloth? You need a Raincoat Cotton bag from Au (Accessories Unlimited). It can withstand everything baby throws at you and still come out looking adorable. Check out Au's Freeport retail location or order online.

No matter which one you choose, they all have one thing in common: they don't look like diaper bags.


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