Maine To-Do List: 1.29.10

Wow, are you ever ready for the weekend. It's been a crazy week — you feel like you've accomplished the work of three people, and on those days when the temperature hit 40, you were too busy to enjoy it. Now's the time to relax, kick back and hope that next week is a little more manageable. Here are a few distractions:

Eat ME
The Maine season has been extended, and what better way to celebrate than by joining the Penobscot East CSF (that's community supported fishery for all the non-foodies out there)?
When: through May 29
Where: only in Maine
Web: Penobscot East CSF on Facebook

Drink ME
We're convinced that Portland Harbor Hotel's Ice Bar is the coolest thing going this weekend. Click here if you missed our recent post on it.
When: through Jan. 30
Where: Portland Harbor Hotel

Shop with ME
Is there anything better than an Angela Adams sale? Yep. An Angela Adams sale in which merchandise is up to 50 percent off. Including rugs. We've had a preview, and the offerings — canvas totes and all — look fabulous. Get there early for the best selection and try not to elbow anyone out of the way. Maine's a small state, after all.
When: Jan. 29 and 30
Where: 273 Congress St., Portland

Play with ME
We're wild about board games — especially during hibernation season — and our friends Steve and Anna just introduced us to a great one: Carcassonne. You lay tiles and try to build Medieval cities while blocking out your opponents. It's harder than it sounds, and don't worry — you don't need to be a Ren fair type to enjoy this totally addicting game.
When: Whenever
Where: You can find it at All About Games, Main Street, Belfast


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