L.L. Bean Signature: First Glimpse

If you're anything like us, you're dying to see the new L.L. Bean Signature collection, designed by Alex Carleton of Rogues Gallery. The line launches in March, but sometimes, impatience pays off. Two pieces, both totes, are available now for pre-launch sale.

We prefer the leather tote to what looks like a giant, stonewashed denim Bean bag, but we're even more excited about the lobster-buoy-print wrap dress — which looks better than it sounds — and Oxford shirt dress in the slideshow on the Web site (see for yourself at www.llbeansignature.com). And are those skinny L.L. Bean jeans? Really?

Carleton might just usher in a whole new era for L.L. Bean — one inspired by the past but tailored for today. We can't wait.


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