Our Favorite Maine Designers

Angela Adams
We're such Angela Adams homers it's kind of ridiculous. But there's a reason why we collect and display her handbags like art: we can't afford her rugs. Only half-kidding. But seriously, Angela Adams' geometric designs with a Midcentury Modern flair make ME proud.

Meredith Alex/MadGirlWorld
In the world of eco-fashion, Meredith Alex is a superhero: MadGirl, to be exact. In her Portland studio, she creates sustainable new clothes under the SuperG line (the G spot thong is hilarious) and re-envisions older clothing. The results are fabulous. Down East named Meredith its eco-green wedding dress designer of the year in 2009, and with good reason.

Mallory Bruns/Sophronia Design
Mallory Bruns named her Sophronia Design label after her grandmother, but her clothing is anything but frumpy. Bruns studied fashion design at Syracuse, had her work featured in Teen Vogue and did the runway circuit before returning to her hometown of Bangor. On the rack, her designs look drapey and comfy; on the body, the cuts are drop-dead sexy — quite a combination.

Alex Carleton/Rogues Gallery, L.L. Bean, Neversleep
Pretty much anything Alex Carleton touches turns to gold. Take, for instance, Rogues Gallery, his nautical-inspired clothing line that has legions of stylish male fans worldwide. Then there's Neversleep, the preppy-meets-goth label he created for Urban Outfitters. Next up? Bringing L.L. Bean into the 21st century.

Jessi Sader/FX Design
Recycling has long been Jessi Sader's passion. She previously owned Past Lives Boutique, an Orono vintage shop, and she sells sought-after antique clothing through her eBay store, as well. But Studio, her new Orono venture, allows her to showcase her own funky, sustainable, hippie-chic aesthetic. We adore her tees — bamboo adorned with vintage lace — and column dresses in retro patterns.

Hannah Tarkinson/Ponomo
Hannah Tarkinson's Ponomo line (slang for poor no more, as in, "I don't wanna be ...") started with handmade leather bags and has since grown to include one-of-a-kind jewelry. Her look is a little posh, a little bit rock 'n roll, and completely gorgeous.


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