Farm League

Over the weekend, we made our annual pilgrimage to Presque Isle. Not exactly Mecca, but lovely, albeit chilly, nonetheless. While dining at Cafe Sorpreso (look for a full review tomorrow), we saw an interesting note on the menu: all of the produce, including the tender butter lettuce in our salad and the succulent new potatoes on our plates, comes from the "School Farm."

But what, we asked, is the School Farm?

As it turns out, this 38-acre parcel overlooking the city is home to an agricultural program for students at Presque Isle High School and Presque Isle Regional Career and Technology Center. We visited the farm store Saturday and were thoroughly impressed — outside, giant bins overflowed with pumpkins and winter squash. Inside, gourds, honey and polished apples were on display, while ready-to-bake pies beckoned from the freezer.

These kids can grow. And, perhaps equally important, they know how to present the fruits of their labor — this was some of the prettiest produce we've seen. While The County is known for spuds, students at the farm are learning how to cultivate a diverse range of crops, including tree fruit and high-bush blueberries, hydroponic tomatoes and lettuce, carrots, beets and — of course — potatoes. They collect honey from the bees used to pollinate the crops and press cider after the apple harvest. They even staff the farm store.

It's a growing concern. And a must-visit if you're in the County.

School Farm Store
340 State Street
Presque Isle, Maine
(207) 764-7725


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