Pardon Our Dust

Love Soon, there will be more of ME to love — much, much more. An expanded site is under construction. But to meet our deadline, we need your help: first, don't worry, and second, keep coming back.

For the month of September (and, possibly October), we'll be posting on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, freeing up The Maven to write all that content she's been promising her Web designer husband, Jason Lainsbury, since this site started last November. This fall, the blog will return to its daily format, and will (finally!) be joined by destination guides, best-of lists and all sorts of other useful content for Mainers and everyone who wishes they lived here. The design will be more streamlined —and feature more of those gorgeous illustrations by the talented Shawn Rice.

We'd like to thank our loyal readers for all your support over the last year and welcome new readers. If you haven't spent much time on the site, we encourage you to explore the tabs above, which feature hundreds of Maine products, artisans, food finds and destinations.

We appreciate your patience and can't wait to bring you more of the best of ME.


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