Foot Notes

The gals from Sex and the City can keep their Manolos and their Louboutins.

We’re sticking to Quoddy Moccasins, and we’re in good — and stylish — company. As legend has it, supermodel and frequent Vogue cover girl Daria Werbowy discovered them on a trip to Maine and became a convert. They’ve graced the feet of Camilla Staerk’s models during Fashion Week.

But these are primarily a men's shoe, and their classic lines make them a wardrobe staple. They’re a favorite of GQ’s Sartorialist. The traditional dressers at (a GREAT site) rave about them. And we can see why. They’re super-comfortable, incredibly well made and simply gorgeous.

Owners Kevin and Kirsten Shorey are dedicated to keeping this century-old Maine tradition alive, and they're doing it through smart marketing and an enduring commitment to quality. All shoes and accessories are cut and sewn by hand, and their superior construction means you won't need a new pair every year — you'll wear through the soles, which the Shoreys will replace for $10, long before the shoe falls apart. Though the company recently opened a factory in Lewiston (where the shoes are still sewn by hand) the Shoreys are based in the Washington County town of Perry, where the business began.

It's far from Fifth Avenue — and far from ordinary.

Learn more at Quoddy's Web site.


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