Coffee Talk

Waking up to find that you used the last of the coffee and forgot to buy new beans really puts a damper on the morning. Not only does it throw off your whole routine, it forces you to drive without caffeine, which can be dangerous.

The only upshot is, it also forces you to get out of your house and grab a cup of coffee. And though you're not thrilled about the prospect of interacting with anyone this early in the morning, you can't help but be a little excited to stop at your local cafe. Admit it: they make a better cup of Joe than you do anyway.

Here at The Maven, we're wild about Maine's locally owned coffee shops. Yes, Starbucks and Dunkin' Donuts are convenient, but there's something great about walking into a place that is truly one of a kind. Surely our Orono haunt, The Store Ampersand, is that way. It's a shop filled with characters, local color and the best gossip around. We're total townies, so we can overlook the sporadic appearance of our favorite cherry-cheese puff (we hesitate to call it a Danish) and the fact that they, from time to time, brew blueberry-flavored coffee, which makes the entire place smell cloyingly sweet.

When we think of other spots in Maine, Bell the Cat in Belfast comes to mind. So does Rock City Roasters in Rockland. In Camden, we like Boynton & McKay and Zoot. Our friend Kevin swears Bard Coffee in Portland serves the "best coffee in the Old Port." And though we haven't been to Farmington in a dog's age, we always stop at Java Joes.

We want to know: What's your favorite coffee shop? Please post below, and we'll try to feature a few of them in the coming months.

So spill the beans. Just remember to pick up more on your way home from work tonight.


A. Dinsmore said...

I do enjoy Java Joes in Farmington. Many of my working mornings at Devaney Doak & Garrett were fueled by their brew.

Sojourn Curiosities said...

Cafe Creme in Bath is always fun!

Gemstone and Beaded Jewelry by Dianne Culbertson said...

I love the Orange Cat Cafe in Kingfield! I look forward to going up there from Waterville just top stop for a latte and they have to die for sandwiches!

Paula said...

Love, love, love Java Joes at Sugarloaf and Coffee By Design in Portland.

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