Tell It Like It Is

There are Hallmark moments:

Birthday: "Granddaughter, you're completely unique — there are no other YOUs! No one else smiles your smiles, no one else fills your shoes!"
Anniversary: "Wishing you both all the simple joys that make spending a lifetime together simply beautiful."
Death: "Even when the hurt runs deep, God's love runs deeper."

And then, there are Ferdinand moments.
Infidelity: "You Bastard."
Achievement: "I'm so f-----g proud of you!"
Confusion: "WTF"

In our world, most days call for the latter. And since The Maven is a closet guttermouth, we appreciate the occasional f-bomb. We've had our eye on Ferdinand, the Portland boutique owned by artist and craftsmaster Diane Toepfer, since Toepfer debuted her iconic squirrel-playing-drums T-shirts.

We're still not quite over the T-shirt obsession, but we might be even more into Ferdinand's letterpress cards, which celebrate life's special moments: new beard, crazy gossip (OMG!), PMS (sorry I've been such a grump).

Besides, why would you say it with flowers when you can say it with a card that reads "You are the foxiest hottie in this goddamn town"?

These letterpress cards are available online at Ferdinand Home Store or in person at Ferdinand, 243 Congress St., Portland.


Erin Flett said...

Simply amazing!!!! LOVE LOVE! e

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