Que Sera, Serra?

You're an art fanatic, and you've been known to drive great distances to view a Rauschenberg print or a Rembrandt etching. Of course, in Maine, the "great distances" thing isn't exactly hard to do.

But Colby College Museum of Art has made things a little easier for people like you. The museum — one of the best in Maine, and, truth be told, New England — recently introduced its Web Kiosk, a searchable, online database of more than 6,000 objects in its collection. Images are available for about 2,500 pieces, including one of our favorites, "Clara Clara I" by Richard Serra.

Not only does the move make the collection more accessible for schoolchildren in Maine, it opens up this resource to an international audience. And while viewing art online will never replace the experience of getting inches away from the surface of a richly textured painting, a zoom tool allows you to see each piece in exquisite detail.

Perfect for an art freak like you.

To view highlights from collection, visit the Colby College Museum of Art Web site and click on "Exhibits/Collections."


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