Maine Dishes

Here at The Maven, we are relentless foodies. It's kind of a drag for our non-foodie friends, because we could spend (and have spent) hours rhapsodizing over dishes we've eaten, discussing obscure ingredients we've tracked down and dissecting a restaurant's menu, service and wine list.

Because we live in the Greater Bangor area, we've also become resourceful foodies. Don't get us wrong — contrary to popular belief, there are plenty of great meals to be had around here. It's just that we sometimes find ourselves craving meals we've had in other parts of the state, and we're a solid two hours' drive from every other restaurant town in Maine. This usually leads us to re-create said meals, to varying degrees of success. We've mastered the arugula salad and Pasta a la Vongole from Massimo's in Bangor. However, our attempt at replicating the fennel salad from Street & Co. in Portland failed miserably.

Fortunately, has assembled a collection of recipes from some of Maine's best restaurants — Bangs Island Mussels from Five Fifty Five in Portland (pictured), Johnnnycakes with Peekytoe Crab from Arrows in Ogunquit, and Beet Risotto from Hugo's in Portland, to name a few.

The recipes are so detailed that there's no room for error. Now, if they could just get their hands on that fennel salad recipe, we'd be all set.


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