The Bucket List

We love bucket hats — especially on rainy days. And since we've had nothing but rainy days lately, we were glad to discover The Cog from The Little Hat Co. of South Berwick, Maine.

Named for its ability to render the wearer incognito, The Cog is just the thing for a bad hair day (which we've had for about five straight days). It's also perfect for keeping out the sun's harmful rays — not that we'd know anything about that. We need one of these, and we're pretty sure you do, too.

The Little Hat Co. was founded in 2006 by Jen Houghton, a South Berwick mom who wanted to put a cute but practical "lid" on her kid. The pint-size designs soon attracted a giant following — and Houghton and her crew of Maine seamstresses began making lids for grownups, as well. This spring, The Cog appeared in the Daytime Emmy gift bags and on the "Today" show.

The reason for the national exposure is obvious. They're absolutely adorable. And they make this weather seem a little more bearable.

Clearly, this is one little hat that could.

The Little Hat Co. can be found online by clicking here.


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