This Takes The Cake

No offense to the bride, but what is up with that cardboard pedestal wrapped in tin foil? Seriously.

She spent days choosing the perfect bouquet. Months — if not years — searching for the perfect dress. Hours agonizing over the fondant-wrapped red velvet/chocolate/carrot cake extravaganza that sits before you today. It's gorgeous. But the thing it's sitting on looks like something out of a grade-schooler's science fair project.

Looks like it's time to make a stand. A cake stand, that is. Fortunately, Westbrook artist Kari Radasch can take care of that (and if you need a few mugs, decorative bowls and plates, she can help you with those, too). Radasch earned her BFA at MECA and her MFA from the University of Nebraska - Lincoln. And her sculptural Radasch Redware is completely unlike the ubiquitous earthenware we're used to seeing at Maine shops.

Redware uses terra cotta as a base, and the warm hue peeks through Radasch's "sweet and syrupy" glazes. She adorns her vessels with mod flowers and polka dots, and the resulting pieces look like candy — good enough to eat.

Which is more than we can say for that cardboard box wrapped in foil. So next time you're invited to a wedding, do the bride a favor: Buy her one of Kari Radasch's cake stands — and give it to her a week beforehand.

To learn more about Radasch Redware, click here.


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