This Little Piggy Went To Market

Got pork?

We do. Lots of it. And we're about to order more. Lots more. As in a whole pig more. From Cornerstone Farm in Palmyra, Maine, of course.

Run by Hanne and Dan Tierney, a young couple committed to sustainable farming, this small operation offers pasture-raised pork and beef, free-range eggs and home-roasted coffee. The Tierneys couldn't be nicer, and we're hog wild about their pork products.

Their pigs are fed a mixture of Maine corn and barley, as well as soybeans. In addition, the Tierneys plant barley, field peas and purple-top turnips for their pigs to forage. The pigs spend most of their time frolicking outdoors, and they also get a lot of love and attention from the Tierneys' cuter-than-cute children, Edie and Sam.

As a result, Cornerstone's pork chops and sausages (we're partial to sweet Italian) taste nothing like the pork you get at the supermarket. They're lean, with a distinct pork flavor. We're guessing that has a lot to do with the nurturing — and the fact that the meat isn't injected with a saline solution to make it "juicier." The meat is flash-frozen at the butcher, so it tastes super-fresh at home.

On Saturday night, Jason rubbed down a Cornerstone Farm pork shoulder with whole cumin seeds, cinnamon, oregano, garlic, coriander seed, salt and pepper and slow-roasted it for pork tacos (serve with shredded cabbage on skillet-warmed corn tortillas). It was amazing.

And, not surprisingly, we all pigged out.

Cornerstone Farm sells its products at the Orono Farmers Market, Unity Market Day, Waterville Farmers Market, Bath Farmers Market and Portland Farmers Market in Monument Square (Wednesdays only). You can also buy it direct from the farm, which is located at 74 Dogtown Road in Palmyra (207.487.5945). For more information, click here.


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