Farm League

On day five of our staycation, after getting rained out of the garden, we found ourselves at Hannaford in Old Town. Woo hoo! We sure know how to spend a week off! Next thing you know, we'll be writing about our fabulous trip to the DMV, our rockin' root canal and the sweet time we had at the dump (we mean, transfer station).

But as it turns out, we found something wonderful at Hannaford. For the record, there are few things in life The Maven hates more than grocery shopping. And there are even fewer things in life The Maven hates more than grocery store meats. Once you go farmers market, you can't go back. Or can you?

At Hannaford, the answer is a resounding yes.

How psyched were we to discover that Hannaford's Nature's Place beef hails from Wolfe's Neck farm in New Gloucester? Very. And unlike the meats we buy at the farmers market, the gorgeous steaks at Hannaford weren't frozen. They were fresh, organic and hormone-free, just the way we like 'em.

If Hannaford keeps this up, we might just spend the rest of our vacation there. Hey, at least we wouldn't go hungry.

For more information about Wolfe's Neck Farm, click here.


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