Fair Trade

To the DIY decorator, there is nothing more irritating than the words "to the trade." We get it. It lends a certain cachet to the brand. And we don't expect to find fine design at The Home Depot. But there are times — like when we wanted to bind off an Angela Adams carpet from Architex and use it as a stair runner — when "to-the-trade" can be a real "pain in the ass."

But with the introduction of the Angela Adams Design Center, we don't need to worry about naked stairs any longer. Located at her Portland, Maine, headquarters, the shop is open to the public. And it's an Angelaxtravaganza — her entire line of sustainable rugs, wallcovering, carpet and fabric are on display.

So go ahead — drape yourself and your upholstery in rich fabrics. Throw out that crappy old rug from Wal-Mart and treat yourself to something Rugmark certified. With the money you'll save from not bribing your architect/designer friends (with booze, of course) into placing a tiny order with your name on it, you can afford it.

The Angela Adams Design Center is located at 273 Congress St. in Portland. For more information, call 1.800.255.9454 or click here.


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