Wild And Wooly

Take a little wool, a little water, a little soap and shake it all up. What do you get? A good time. A house that smells like wet sheep. And these gorgeous baubles from OnTheRound of West Rockport.

We've seen a lot of felt lately — not all of it pretty. But we love these simple, clever designs by Rachel Jones, a hip, stay-at-home mom who is one crafty gal. As she says in her Etsy profile, "I have a brain that won't quit." And it shows. Her designs are inspired by the colors and textiles she uses as well as the nearby sea. The results are reminiscent of some of the sophisticated Scandinavian felt work we've seen.

We particularly love her felted beads, bangles and multistrand necklaces. And during the month of March, her bangle sets are two for $25.

A good deal never felt so good.

For information, visit OnTheRound's Etsy store.


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