Hick Lit

And now, for the Maine Maven pop quiz.

Question: What do you get when you combine blue tarps, bungee cords and duct tape?

A. A truck bed liner
B. An alternative to vinyl siding
C. A makeshift parachute
D. A fabulous handbag

OK, we fooled you. In Maine, any of these answers could be correct. But the one we're most interested in is D. Specifically, Hick Chic Bags, designed by Julia Ventresco of Ellsworth and her One-Woman Studio.

Julia first caught our attention a few years back with her biodegradable bags made of paper grain and flour sacks. More recently, she has turned this classic Maine combo into surprisingly striking purses. A relentless recycler, Julia scours her local transfer station swap-shop for gently used tarps. She then takes them home, gussies them up and voila! Tote couture.

They're perfect for a trip to the grocery store, camp or your local Uncle Henry's purveyor. And we're willing to bet that a Gazetteer would look fabulous tucked in one of these bags. But you be the judge. Perhaps you can use it at your next B.Y.O.T. party — that's Bring Your Own Tarp. Allen's and milk optional.

Hick Chic Bags are available at Yo Mamma's in Belfast or online at Hick Chic Bags.


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