Going To The Dogs

Here at the Maven, we're absolutely wild about our dogs. Jason and I have two — a sweet mutt named Cassidy and a Belgian Malinois named Stella, which you can see, spooning, at right — while our illustrator, Shawn, has two Dalmatians named Sully and Bailey.

When we heard about FetchDog.com, a Maine-based Web portal, catalog and resource for all things dog-related, we sat, stayed and read. And we were so impressed that we wanted one of everything in the catalog — in particular, the Maine-made art glass dog bowls. Actually, we were so impressed that the Maven started moonlighting for Fetch's Swag the Dog blog.

Here's why: Rather than throw together a bunch of cutesy dog stuff that looks nice but doesn't particularly do anything, the folks at Fetch are all about solutions — from fur on your couch to pee on your carpet to canine arthritis. Fetch also has an all-star cast of bloggers (Glenn Close is the company's founder, and Rachael Ray and Lauren Bacall have each done a Q&A for the site). And, yes, there are toys and dog sweaters — cute ones, at that — but their beauty is more than skin deep. If you prefer quality over quantity, than you'll love this site.

We have, ever since we discovered it. And our tails haven't stopped wagging since.


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