Online Diversions for Moms

After getting a whopping five hours of sleep last night (not consecutively, of course), our minds aren't really in full-on blogging mode. Instead, we point you to a few of our favorite Maine-based mom blogs, which are sure to be more clever and coherent than anything we could possibly write this morning.

SouleMama: written by southern Maine mom Amanda Blake Soule, this wildly popular site offers a blend of craft ideas, great giveaways and mom inspiration. Soule is the author of "Handmade Home" and "The Creative Family," and her aesthetic is wonderful.

Cute Potato: Jen Hazard's guide to kid-friendly life in Maine is spot on. It has a southern Maine focus, but Jen and her kids, a.k.a. the cute potatoes, venture all over the state. We especially like her shopping trips.

Bangor Baby: Since we're totally new to the parenting scene, Bangor Baby is a must. Written by one of our Twitter faves, Gretchen Schaefer, it's a smart guide to life plus one (or two, or three) in the Queen City.

One Mom in Maine: Through Bangor Baby, we found this site, written by Hampdenite Emilie Manhart. Emilie is a fitness enthusiast — and since we're a little more into fitness now that The Maven is trying to shed the last of those 35 pounds she packed on for the mini, we're totally inspired by her marathon-running ways. The stories about her cool kids are pretty great, too.


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