Lip Service

Diamonds may be a girl's best friend, but lipstick is — at the very least — a girl's good buddy.

Ladies, if you're anything like The Maven, you have dozens of glosses, balms and sticks hanging around the bottom of your purses, hiding in the pockets of your coats and melting in the glove box of your car. We get it. You can never have too many.

So when we saw the new lip shimmers from Mad Gab's of Westbrook, we needed to have them immediately. We're wild about Gabriella Melchionda's line of all-natural body-care products anyway (the Moose Smooch lip balm works like a charm, and when the weather gets cold and dry, nothing fixes cracked hands like the shea butter Lobster Balm). Melchionda started making lip balm in her mother's kitchen in 1991, when she was a student at the University of Massachusetts, "studying anthropology and flunking math," as she says. Today, her products are sold all over the U.S., Canada, Japan and United Kingdom, and the lip shimmers — made with a soothing blend of mango butter, shea butter and olive oil — are sure to be her latest success story.

Yes, they bear a striking resemblance to Burt's Bees lip shimmers, but having used both, we must say, the Mad Gab's are better. They go on smoother, they have just the right balance of tint and shimmer, and the colors complement any skin tone. We tried all three — a ballet pink (Monkey Shimmer), a deep plum (Moose Shimmer) and a medium rose (Bear Shimmer) — and love them all. Suffice it to say, one's already picking up lint at the bottom of The Maven's Angela Adams tote.

They're only $5, which means you can buy them all and still have money left over to splurge — perhaps on some diamonds? Or maybe on a girl's other best friend: shoes.

To order Mad Gab's lip shimmers or for a list of retailers, visit


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