The A Team

Remember those Reese's peanut butter cups ads about "two great tastes that taste great together"?

Speaking of great taste, the same could be said of the recent design-match-made-in-heaven between Angela Adams and Anthropologie. Much like the recent Sea Bags-Angela Adams-J. Crew collaboration, this brilliant partnership pairs two of our faves (seriously, who doesn't love Anthropologie?).

Anthro is selling a small, select line of AA's wares, including rugs, bedding and window treatments. The patterns are, for the most part, things we haven't seen before. And we're especially fond of the chickadee curtains (pictured).

So head on over to, search for "Angela Adams" and get your design on. Because, really, this is way more tasteful than a peanut butter cup.


KimberlyJ said...

Don't understand why I've never come across Anthropologie, so glad I read this post, thanks!

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