Maine To-Do List: 5.14.10

Friends and family are coming to town this weekend, and we can hardly wait. If we weren't entertaining (well, mostly being entertained) here's what we'd be doing. Enjoy!

Eat ME
We cannot get enough of the miniature cannolis at Giacomo's in Bangor. The Maven actually considered smuggling some out in her purse during a recent event there. They're that good (and she's that embarrassed). After eating dozens of subpar cannolis in Maine, even at Italian restaurants, we were convinced that it was a lost cause north of the North End. Clearly, we were wrong.
Where: 1 Central St., Bangor
When: Anytime
Web: N/A

Drink ME
This has nothing at all to do with Maine, but we'd be remiss if we didn't tell you about the Tea Forte Tea over Ice system, especially now that the weather is heating up. The Maven's mom and sister bought one for a recent baby shower, and it was the coolest thing ever — not to mention the fact that the tea was absolutely delicious. A tiny glass pitcher sits atop a larger glass pitcher — the top is filled with a Tea Forte tea bag and boiling water, the bottom is filled with ice. Let the tea steep, pour it over ice (this dilutes it without watering it down), and pour it into glasses filled with ice. It's a thing of beauty. And we must buy one.
Where: Mom got hers at Origins. We found it online.
When: Anytime
Web: Gourmet Food Store
Play ME
Who doesn't love "West Side Story"? Well, gather up your gang — Jets, Sharks, Cougars, whatever — and head to The Portland Players production of this Broadway classic.
Where: 420 Cottage Road, South Portland
When: through May 30; see website for details

Change ME
Climate change is a hot topic (pardon the pun) — often contentious. But there's nothing contentious about "A Bird's Eye View: Journeying through 21st Century Climate Change" at The Farnsworth Museum's Julia's Gallery for Young Artists. For the show, students from the Matinicus Island School teamed up with Julia's Gallery and students from Unity College for seven months. They explored birds, migration and climate change. The resulting exhibition features photographs, sculptures, video, creative writing and interactive displays.
Where: Julia's Gallery at the Farnsworth Art Museum, Main Street, Rockland
When: Through Aug. 29
Web: Farnsworth Art Museum


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