To-Do List 4.2.10

Let's hope this weekend's weather forecast wasn't an April fool's joke. In Maine, all you need is a little sunshine and a temperature over 60 to make everything seem better, and it looks like that's what we'll have. Need any other inspiration? Here are a few diversions to make it even more fun. Oh, and happy Easter!

Eat ME
Regular readers of Maine Maven know of our love for Houlton Farms Dairy butter, but HFD's ice cream is equally rich. If you're in the County this weekend, you're in luck, because the Houlton Farms Dairy bar in Houlton opens this weekend. If you're not in the County, have someone smuggle you out a few tubs. It's that good.
Where: 131 Military St., Houlton
When: starting at 11 a.m. Friday
Web: Facebook, Twitter

Drink ME
While we're on the subject of the County, we're totally digging Twenty 2 Vodka's Spring Evolution series, a very cool set of images that reminds us of the old Absolut ads (see the most recent one above). You can check out the whole thing on Facebook. The Houlton-based distillery makes some of the smoothest vodka around, and they release a new recipe on their Web site every Friday at 3 p.m.
Where: Your living room
When: after 3 p.m.

Look at ME
We're more than excited about the "Fragments for the History of the Human Body" show that opens tonight at Gallery 37-A (during the Portland Art Walk). The show features work by New York artists Bast (pictured above) and Antonio Trecel Diaz and Aspen-based artist Erin Perry. If you love urban art, go.
Where: 37-A Wharf St., Portland
When: 6-10 tonight
Walk with ME
When most people think of Bucksport, they think of the Witch's Foot or the mill. But this weekend, the town becomes a destination for art lovers — and hungry people. Visit Saturday and you can view the work of 10 artists at various downtown locations during an Art Walk. All weekend long, "Alice in Wonderland" is showing at the Alamo Theatre (a great old cinema). And if you work up an appetite, Wahl's Dairy Bar opens this weekend, too. If you're there at dinnertime, head to MacLeod's and if the steak chili is on the menu, order it.
Where: Downtown Bucksport
When: Friday and Saturday
Web: Visit Rebecca Berry's blog for details


Andy Mooers said...

Lucky to live in Maine for all the above reasons you aptly point out. Maine, you can dream with your eyes open here.

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