Green Day

Ah, Earth Day. A time when men and women ride around the University of Maine campus (our alma mater and workplace) on bicycles, naked, bodies painted green, all for a good cause. We admire their commitment to the environment, because we're pretty sure it's ridiculously uncomfortable to ride a bike au naturel.

Here at The Maven, we're not going to do anything that extreme. For starters, nobody wants to see a seven-months-pregnant woman on a bicycle with clothes on, let alone body paint. And frankly, it's still a little cold up here for all that. But we can offer this: a roundup of some of our favorite "green" producers and products from Maine. There are way too many to list, so post a comment below with your favorites, too.

They're way more fun than riding a bike naked. At least, that's what we've heard...

Lisa Bess
This Portland-based jewelry designer doesn't solely use recycled materials, but when she does, the results are stunning. We should know, because we own about a million pieces she's made — everything from bottlecap necklaces to vintage-button earrings to bracelets made out of plumbing parts. And her stuff just couldn't be cuter. Click here to read more about her badge holders. Otherwise, visit her website.

Jessi Sader
Jessi is a local favorite — her designs are both amazing and wearable, and her whole foray into fashion design started with recycling. Today, she does custom dresses, vests and accessories made from vintage textiles, including century-old lace. Very cool.

Love Bottles
We HATE drinking from plastic, and when our metal water bottles are in the dishwasher, we resort to toting around Mason jars full of water or iced coffee like hippies. There's a better way: Love Bottles, a stylish glass alternative to Nalgenes and Siggs, available for under $20 at The Cherished Home in Belfast. Read more here.

Quench Metalworks
If The Maven had a little extra money, she'd treat herself to a vintage button ring from Quench Metalworks, based in South China. Jeweler Jennifer Atkins Lisa has a way of turning something old into something fresh, new and absolutely gorgeous. The ultimate in upcycling. Learn more at the Quench website.

Meredith Alex/MadGirlWorld
In the world of eco-fashion, Meredith Alex is a superhero: MadGirl, to be exact. In her Portland studio, she creates sustainable new clothes under the SuperG line (the G spot thong is hilarious) and re-envisions older clothing. The results are fabulous. Down East named Meredith its eco-green wedding dress designer of the year in 2009, and with good


grace said...

I got one of Quench Metalworks' vintage button rings for my birthday last month- they're even more awesome in person!

Sarah said...

Kristen - Quenchmetalworks will be featured at the Bangor Symphony Orchestra's Go Green Marketplace in conjunction with our season finale on Sunday, May 16. Stay tuned for details!!! Big hugs, Sarah McCarthy

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