Love Bites

We're getting way ahead of ourselves here — the little guy still has four months left on his belly lease. And while we're not looking forward to teething, per se, we are looking forward to teething biscuits. Since her seven-years-younger sister was a toddler, The Maven has always had a soft spot for Zwieback Toast, but Belle's Biscuits promise to be even better.

They're the brainchild of Maine mom Sara Closson and her pharmacist husband, Andrew, who were tearing their hair out when their baby girl, Annabelle, became a teething terror. None of the conventional teething products took the edge off. Then mom and dad started making their own treats using simple ingredients, flavored with vanilla, Maine blueberries and maple syrup. The result? A happy mouth.

Because allergies run in the family, the Clossons' creation is dairy- soy- and wheat-free, and the maple syrup option is gluten-free, as well. And though they're a little too hard to call cookies, they're tasty enough for moms and dads to eat, as well.

They're just the thing when you want to take a bite out of crying.

Belle's Biscuits are available at Maine Maven readers can take 15 percent off their order by typing in "BELLES15" at checkout.


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