Cutting A Rug

Yesterday, while Facebooking, a post from Angela Adams caught our eye. In it, Angela (or, more likely, someone from her team) describes the namesake behind each pattern. The pattern of the day happened to be Ruthie, named in honor of Angela's mom.

Intrigued, we clicked through. And what we found was even more interesting than we thought. Not only did we get to know a little bit more about AA's mama, we discovered an entirely new line of rugs. They're flat, hand-woven wool and we really, really want the Ruthie in Seaglass (pictured above).

We've always had a thing for flat-woven rugs. They seem a little more casual than something tufted, and in our house, that look works. These come in three patterns: the kaleidoscope-esque Ruthie, the geometric Nectar and the Zag, which has a Southwestern feel. All three would be right at home at Maison Maven, and we're guessing they'd look pretty good in your house, too.

So Ruthie, it's nice to have met you. Feel free to stop by anytime. We feel like we know you already.

To see the collection of hand-woven wool rugs, click here or visit the Angela Adams showroom at 273 Congress St. in Portland.


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