International Cravings

There are a few great things about being pregnant: You don't have to lift anything, going to bed at 8 p.m. is perfectly acceptable, and people don't bat an eyelash when you tell them you want a bacon cheeseburger. At 10 a.m. With a side of fries and a Fresca.

Cravings are a little disconcerting, especially if you're foodies like we are. Suddenly, you go from wanting normal things like roasted free-range chicken or an heirloom tomato salad to desperately needing boxed macaroni and cheese and a strawberry milkshake.

Fortunately for everyone at the Maven household, the weird phase has passed — weeks of ramen took their toll on everyone, and we're still a little worried that we're having a salt cube instead of a baby.  But the hunger is still out in full force. At the top of the list? Cupcakes and Mexican food.

Thank God for Montes. Every winter, this caterer-lunch joint in downtown Bangor holds wildly popular international weeks. Owned by Arturo Montes, a Mexican-American, and his wife, Carmen, who comes from a Polish family, Montes always brings a global flair to the table. But these weeks are special. Not only do they focus on a single cuisine — Polish, German, Italian (which is where the pictured fresh mozzarella and tomato sandwich comes from), Mexican, Moroccan, Greek, French and more — they do it up right. Carmen travels as far as she needs to (usually Boston) to purchase authentic ingredients, and the results are fantastic.

This week and next are Mexican weeks — the Tortilla Soup and Tostada Trio are to die for, as are the Chiles Rellenos. These are the busiest weeks, with good reason.

But we're really holding out for Polish week. Carmen's Pierogies — stuffed with sweet plum, potato and cheese, or sauerkraut — are the best we've tried, anywhere. She pan-fries them in butter and tops them with sour cream and applesauce, which is a pregnant lady's dream. 

Looks like mama's got a brand-new craving.

Montes international weeks run through March 26. For weekly menus or a schedule, click here.


Jess said...

We plan to try something every week! I'm really looking forward to the week of St. Patrick's Day (also our anniversary).

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