Get Rheal

Think there's nothing worse than a Maine winter? Try walking around the streets of Manhattan on a January night. When the wind whips through those corridors of skyscrapers, there is nothing more bone-chilling.

On Saturday night, The Maven strode past Central Park, bundled up like a more stylish version of Cartman, arms weighted down with shopping bags. She could feel the skin on her face burning from the wind. She could also tell that the skin on the rest of her body was going to be a dry, flaky mess when all was said and done.

Suddenly, her thoughts turned to the healing body wrap she had last summer at Rheal Day Spa in Rockland. It was delicious. Is there anything unappealing about the idea of having a salt rub, being covered with soothing oils, wrapped in warm, well, wrap, and left to cocoon for a while? Not that we can think of. The wrap is then followed up by a relaxing massage, and right about now, it sounds like heaven.

Speaking of heaven, Rheal couldn't be more peaceful. Owned by Rhonda Nordstrom (formerly of the nördstrom spa in Rockland), the spa is anchored in a waterfront building on Main Street that has been renovated in a chic, eco-friendly way. A combination of low-VOC paints, sustainable surfaces such as bamboo and recycled glass, and organic textiles provide a tranquil, almost Eastern feel. Fittingly for Rockland, Nordstrom also uses the common areas as a place to showcase the work of local artists. And the view of the city's working harbor is absolutely gorgeous.

This morning, The Maven can't think of anyplace she'd rather be than Rheal. It's the perfect antidote to a long weekend on the cold (yet wonderful) streets of New York — and the cold (yet wonderful) Maine outdoors.

Rheal Day Spa is located at 453 Main St. in Rockland. For more information, visit


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