Maine Maven Gift Guide: Long Winter Farm

Editor's note: Our shopping has already begun, and we're guessing yours has, too. To help make things a little easier, we'll feature a Maine product each day in our holiday gift guide through Dec. 24 (and we're talking all holidays, kids). If you have any suggestions for local favorites, please post a comment or e-mail us at

Mom (or was it Emily Post?) always said not to give someone a gift that suggests they need help: (i.e. a case of mouthwash for your Uncle Sal, whose breath could kill small children; an electrolysis gift certificate for your cousin Jenny, who has more scruff than McDreamy). But somehow, soap doesn't fall into that category.

Thank God for that. Because Long Winter Farm's soaps and personal care products are among the most gift-worthy we've seen. Amanda Nolan, "yurt-dwelling, soap-making mother of two," makes her entire line by hand in Alna (a tiny town in midcoast Maine), and they're absolutely scrumptious. And so is the spare, elegant packaging.

Long Winter Farm's Vanilla Chai Latte cold-process goat's milk soaps look good enough to eat. The super-smooth lip balms come in flavors such as champagne, pomegranate, pumpkin cheesecake or loganberry. LWF's hand and body cream, which moisturizes without irritation or greasiness, is heavenly — who wouldn't want to walk around smooth and smelling like blackberries and sage, lavender vanilla or blueberry tarragon?

Clearly, not your stinky aunt Lola. But to heck with her. Buy some for yourself.

Long Winter Farm products are available on Etsy. For more information, visit Amanda Nolan's highly entertaining blog.


Samantha Warren Weddings said...

I am officially addicted to their Etsy store and placing a big order today! If they smell as good as the names suggest, I cannot wait to receive them. Impressed with the reasonable prices too. Thanks for sharing!

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