Maine-Made Gift Guide: Portia Clark Freshwater Pearls

Editor's note: On Wednesday, Dec. 9, we'll reveal details of our L.L. Bean gift card giveaway — just in time for some last-minute shopping.

There are pearls (yawn) and then there are pearls.

Portia Clark, an assistant-fashion-editor-turned-designer who calls Portland home, creates the latter. It's her goal to make pearl jewelry that's decidedly un-stuffy and her freshwater pearls are, well, fresh.

She starts with nubby, funky pearls (rather than the smooth, perfectly round kind) and strings them on colorful silk thread or precious metal wire. The result is unique but still classic — wearable yet distinctive. We're particularly fond of the chocolate brown coin pearl necklace and the dangly cluster earrings. And we're not alone. Maine fashion queen Margaret Logan is a fan, as are Katie Couric and a handful of magazine editors.

Check out her Web site — we promise you'll be anything but bored.

Portia Clark jewelry is available at Helene M. in Portland (where Portia will have a trunk sale on Saturday) and Josephine in Camden.


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