Maine-Made Gift Guide: The Maine Lobster Kit

A few months ago, we were sitting around The Maven's sister's kitchen, waiting for a giant pot of lobsters to finish steaming.

Said sister and her husband had just moved in, and we were ready to raise a toast to their new home and their recent marriage. Everything was super-festive. But when we went to set the table, it was clear that we had at least one reason not to celebrate: they didn't have any lobster crackers.

Having no clue whether or not the lobsters were hard shell or soft shell, we set off to the nearest supermarket, a Shaw's that is bigger than some small towns in Maine. At this Shaw's, you can buy exotic orchids, decorative home goods and underwear. Yes, underwear. About the only thing the store doesn't carry is lobster crackers and picks. Awesome.

Everything turned out all right — messy, but tasty.

But when we saw this Maine Lobster Kit from Daytrip Society in Kennebunkport, we couldn't help but think it was the perfect gift for the newlyweds. This adorable wood-burned box holds four crackers and four sets of picks — enough to go around.

But the story gets even better. These kits are created by the Nezinscot Guild in Turner, which provides employment to area residents with developmental disabilities. Founded in 1979, Nezinscot Guild started by providing services to local wood turning mills. Soon, Nezinscot Guild found a niche creating quality wooden crates for Maine's specialty food industry.

This lovely little kit is claws, we mean, cause, for celebration. In more ways than one.

The Maine Lobster Kit is available at Daytrip Society or directly through Nezinscot Guild.


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so cute!

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