Maine-Made Gift Guide: A Beautiful Partnership

Remember those Reese's Peanut Butter Cups ads with the slogan "two great tastes that taste great together"?

We've found the Maine-made equivalent, and we're not talking candy, though it's pretty sweet. At the very tip-top of The Maven's Christmas list is the Recycled Sail Collection bag by Angela Adams and Sea Bags.

This bag is truly a thing of beauty, combining Angela Adams' organic geometric designs with Sea Bags' gorgeous recycled-sail fabrication and hand-spliced rope handles.

Regular readers of this blog know that The Maven is a little obsessed with Angela Adams bags. And by "a little obsessed," we mean that Jason built a display rack for The Maven's collection in the foyer. Part of his motivation was the fact he wanted the bags to disappear from our kitchen counters. But really,  they're pretty enough to be hung like art.

This collaboration between two of our favorite Maine designers, however, deserves its own place: in a box, under the tree.

It's a match made in heaven. Or Portland, as the case may be.

For more information or to order, click here.


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