Shopping in Maine? BYOB

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Remember when it was a bad idea to bring your own shopping bags? Case in point: That girl from your chemistry class tried it and ended up getting arrested for trying to stuff lipstick, earrings and a new pair of shoes in her backpack.

My, how things have changed. Reusable bags aren't just for shoplifters and hippies anymore. Stylish options abound, making it so much easier being green. Maine retailers have come together to support the use of reusable bags with the "Got Your Bags, Maine?" campaign, which kicked off Monday in Augusta. They aim to cut back the use of paper and plastic single-use bags by 33 percent by 2012.

Participating stores and trade organizations include Maine Grocers Association, Maine Merchants Association, Hannaford Supermarkets, Rite Aid, Walmart, the Natural Resources Council of Maine, Maine Chamber of Commerce, representatives from the Maine State Planning Office and the Maine Department of Environmental Protection, as well as independent Maine grocers and retailers.

These days, it's absolutely fine to stuff a head of lettuce, a new pair of pants or a pack of gum in your bag. As long as you make sure to pay for it before you leave.

For more information, follow Got Your Bags, Maine? on Twitter @gotyourbagsmaine or visit (this leads you to Facebook, but a Web site will be up soon).

Also, let us know where you go to buy stylish reusable bags. We're big fans of the options at Sea Bags in Freeport, Metropolitan Soul in Bangor and YoMamma's Home in Belfast.


Allison said...

i love your new header illustration!!
great news on the reusable bag front. it's so easy to do and actually makes it easier to carry around your purchases.

Kristen Andresen Lainsbury said...

Thanks! Our illustrator, Shawn Rice, is amazing!

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