Maine To-Do List, 11.20.09

You may be tempted to start cooking for Thanksgiving this weekend, but there's only so much you can make ahead. And really, there's nothing that can be done about the fact that you can barely fit a turkey — let alone stuffing, sweet potatoes and casseroles — in your oven. So relax. Have fun. Travel around the state a little bit. Pick up a few things that will wow your guests. You'll need a little rest before before Thursday (and your crazy Uncle Steve) arrives.

Eat ME
Turkey or tofurkey? Green beans or green bean casserole? Broccoli or Brussels sprouts? The Thanksgiving meal can be a battle, but everyone can agree on one thing: milk or dark chocolate turkeys from Black Dinah Chocolatiers on Isle au Haut. They make the perfect place card holders — plus, no tryptophan in these babies.
When: Thursday
Where: Your dining room

Drink ME
Thanksgiving isn't Thanksgiving without a little bubbly. Stock up in style — and discover a few wines you've never tried — at the Freeport Wine Outlet. Rock-bottom prices meet an ever-changing selection.
When: Immediately
Where: 554 U.S. Route 1, Freeport

Dress ME
Think you're a fashionista? Chances are, your closet has nothing on Maine women of the Victorian era. Case in point: do you accessorize with a fan? During the second half of the 19th century, many Maine ports experienced a boom. Lumber barons and sea captains traveled worldwide, bringing their wives along with them. And they were quite the shoppers, as "Elegantly Attired: Victorian Apparel and Accessories found in Coastal Maine" shows. The exhibit, on view at the Farnsworth Art Museum, includes dresses, jewelry, day and evening attire and — of course — fans.
When: Through April 2010
Where: 16 Museum St., Rockland

Read ME
Last month, our dear friend Mel from Saco set off in search of adventure — and self — in India. We can't get enough of her blog or her gorgeous photos, which describe her journey in exquisite detail.
When: Whenever
Where: Your laptop


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