Black Friday — Maine Style

Editor's note: We're going to be taking a few days off for the Thanksgiving holiday (anyone who has ever cooked a turkey and 27 side dishes can understand the need to do so), but we'll be back on Monday in full effect.

We don't care if they're giving away Sony flat screen TVs at 4 a.m. They could be giving away a new Mercedes for all we care, but there is no way in hell we're stepping anywhere near Walmart (or any other big box store) on Black Friday.

We don't rise at 3 a.m. to get the deals. We see nothing fun about standing in line, in the dark, with a bunch of cold, grumpy, competitive people who wouldn't think twice about elbowing us out of the way for that hamster toy. And the walkie-talkies? Seriously?

The only thing that could make any of this seem appealing is a Thermos full of hot toddies, and since we have a rule about drinking before cocktail hour on weekdays, that's out, too.

But don't think we don't have any fun on Black Friday. The Maven and her sister traditionally shop like it's going out of style. We just do it the Maine way: small, local, independently owned. Our normal route starts in Hampden and ends somewhere along the coast. One year, we made it as far as Rockland, but Camden is usually the last stop. Our first stop is always Schacht's True Value Hardware (this place is a holiday wonderland). Next stop, Molly's in Winterport. In Searsport, it would be a crime not to stop at Silkweeds (which is like Christmas on steroids). Left Bank Books is a must, as is The Grasshopper Shop and at least one of the endless antiques shop along Route 1A. In Belfast, we always stop at The Cherished Home, Coyote Moon, Brambles, The Good Table, Yo Mamma's Home and Renys. This year, we'll also stop at Roots and Tendrils (for more on Belfast, click here). Then we hit the Belfast Co-Op for lunch. We never hit the same places twice in Camden, with the exception of Stonewall Kitchen.

It's totally stress-free. We don't need to worry about anyone throwing an elbow over the last inflatable snowman. And we always come home full of holiday cheer (and a trunk full of goodies).

Maine — the way shopping should be.

We want to know your favorite Maine spots to hit on Black Friday. Tell us by posting a comment below, at or at

Happy Thanksgiving!


Silkweeds said...

Thank you for always supporting Maine businesses, as a business owner in the above mentioned post (Silkweeds) please let me say it for all of us, we appreciate all that you do to keep people talking about all of the businesses that you help promote. Thanks again and have a great Thanksgiving... If I was to say what I am thankful for right now ... I would have to say that I am thankful there are still people like you :)

Annadeene said...

Belfast is a great place to shop locally.
While on Main Street, don't forget Aarhus Gallery- where over 70 Maine Artists are showing their weirs, now until Dec. 24 during Extravaganza!

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