The Beadin' Path in Freeport: Pearls of Wisdom

Walking into a good bead shop is like walking past a giant Christmas tree, all sparkles and light, shimmer and glimmer. And every time The Maven visits The Beadin' Path in Freeport, she feels like a kid at Christmas.

Every option seems like a beautifully wrapped gift. Shall we start with the findings — Sterling and gold-filled earwires, clasps and spacers or chain by the foot? Or shall we head straight for the beads — bold vintage lucite, real pearls, intriguing glass or semiprecious stones? This store has the largest selection we've seen in Maine — including a ton of interesting, not weird, vintage — but it's not just quantity that keeps us coming back, it's quality. Not only are the supplies there gorgeous (and available in bulk for the serious jewelry-maker), the staff could not be nicer or more helpful.

Recently, The Maven (who is a very crafty girl) needed wire chokers for pendants she had made. But the only ones she could find were prohibitively expensive. She knew The Beadin' Path had them, but they were out of stock during her last visit. Owner Heather DeSimone came to the rescue, custom-ordering the wires and shipping them free of charge. That's what we call customer service.

And that's what keeps us coming back to The Beadin' Path. Freeport is a long way from Orono, but a good destination — full of sparkling, beautiful things — is always worth the trip.

The Beadin' Path is located at 15 Main St. in Freeport, Maine. For more information, tutorials or to order online, visit


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